Divya Saravana

Corporate Engagement Specialist - Marketing and Distribution

As a passionate food systems professional, Divya’s career spans a diverse trajectory as she went from being a trained chef to a food systems economist. Divya earned her Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts and Food Business Management from The Culinary Institute of America, where she found her career been driven by one core question - “how do we drive the demand and uptake of foods, practices and policies that lead to a sustainable, equitable, just and healthy food system?” To answer this, she worked at a Michelin-starred restaurant kitchen focussed on local sourcing, then went on to do research in behavioral economics and food choice architecture at Google Food and marketing at PlantBased Solutions. Divya holds a Masters in Agriculture, Food and Environment (Economics and Policy) from Tufts University - Friedman School. After her Masters, Divya worked at the Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) engaging with the Tamil Nadu Government to evaluate the impact of social welfare policies in public health, nutrition and agriculture. At GFI India, Divya resonates with the promise of alternative proteins for a sustainable food system and uses her multidisciplinary background to advance the space in product development, opening up channels for adoption and positioning for consumers.