Chandana Tekkatte

Science & Technology Specialist

At the Good Food Institute India, Chandana actively engages with the academic and scientific communities to build and foster a robust alternative protein research and training ecosystem in India. She comes with more than a decade of R&D experience in stem cell biology and bioengineering from reputed institutions such as the University of Sheffield and the University of California, San Diego. Passionate about solving for the world’s most pressing problems related to climate change, Chandana yearns to apply her scientific acumen to GFI’s global mission of building sustainable and just food systems. At GFI India, she uses her unique set of skills and expertise to analyze key knowledge gaps in the science behind cultivated, fermentation-derived, and plant-based proteins. In an effort to leave a lasting positive impact on human and planetary health, she also helps unlock key funding opportunities to nurture India’s smart protein R&D ecosystem.