Radhika Ramesh

Policy Specialist

Radhika holds a degree in law, having completed her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law with Political Science and International Law Honors from Alliance University, Bangalore. As a student she interned in several litigation firms, but deepened her passion for climate change and environmental protection after working with climate think tanks and the Asian Nature Conservation Foundation where she studied the human influence on urban, rural and wildlife geographies, and worked on analyzing animal protection laws and suggesting reforms. Radhika's keen interest in international trade law, nutrition, sustainability, and policy led her to GFI India where she actively works to increase the policy pathways for the emerging area of food and biotechnology innovation in the smart protein sector. Passionate about creating opportunities for a just transition in India's protein transformation, she believes that GFI India's work will bring India to the forefront of sustainable nutrition and a powerhouse of alternative protein production.