Labelling and display guide for pre-packaged foods

Do you need help navigating your smart protein products’ labelling and display requirements in India? Introducing the Labelling and Display Regulatory Guide by GFI India.

The Labelling and Display Regulatory Guide offers a comprehensive overview of the labelling and display requirements and regulations for smart protein products in India. It is tailored to assist smart protein companies within achieving compliance, thereby ensuring smooth operations and adherence to legal requirements. These regulations apply to the following products and formats:

  • Pre-packaged food products
  • Food service establishments (FSE)
  • E-commerce platforms

In this guide, smart protein companies will find valuable information on the mandatory labelling requirements, such as ingredient declarations, nutritional labelling, country of origin labelling, and allergen declarations. Additionally, the guide clarifies display regulations to ensure that smart protein products are marketed and presented per the stipulated guidelines.

With the Labelling and Display Regulatory Guide, smart protein companies can confidently label their products and ensure informed consumer choices. The series of regulatory resources aims to simplify the regulatory landscape, empowering smart protein companies to focus on innovation and growth while ensuring compliance.

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*This is the obligatory fine print: this guide and other published content are not legal advice and should not be construed as such. It has been prepared for general informational purposes only, and readers are encouraged to seek professional counsel to address questions specific to their situation.

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